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Basic Pneumatics Training Classes

training pneumatics Kiser Controls invites you to a basic "hands-on" seminar tailored to your needs and requirements.

Instructor Lee Haugan, Manager of Kiser's Fluid Power Division
Times We expect to cover this material in about four hours but our basic outline can be adapted to what's important to you and in the time you have available.
Cost $150.00 Max of (10) students
Location At your facility or ours.
Requirements Compressed Air Supply

General Outline: Hands on Demo's include:
  • Basic facts about air
    - What is it?
    - Gas Laws
    - Gauge Vs Absolute Pressure
    - Cv
  • Proper Air Line Installation
    - Air distribution
    - Compressor overview
    - SCFM, CFM
    - Air Dryers - Dew Point
       bullet Refrigerant
       bullet Deliquescent
       bullet Desiccant
  • Air Preparation Equipment
    - Filters
    - Regulators
    - Lubricators
  • Air Cylinders
    - Single Acting
    - Double Acting
    - Rodless
  • Directional Control Valves
    - How to draw and read ANSI symbols
  • 5 things that effect air flow
  • Valve / Cylinder operation
  • Effects of longer tube lengths
  • Effects of different tube diameters
  • Regulators & flow controls
  • Quick Exhaust Valves
  • Testing cylinders for piston leaks
  • Muffler comparisons
  • Scrap Chopper
  • Power of Vaccum
  • Air Amplifier